Unveil the differences between the PCM and bitstream! Check out the details below!

When it comes to setting up and the audio system, then there are certain things that you need to specify. People often confused between the PCM and the bitstream, as both of them are proficient enough to serve the users with their desired results. We will begin with PCM; the PCM is the acronym of the pulse code modulation. This is the method of converting the analog signals into the digital form without any compression.

The PCM stream commonly samples the amplitude of the analog signal at the uniform intervals, and later on, it will use the numeric coding to quantize that respective signal. Such things mean that the PCM file is commonly a series of zeros and ones which are being interpreted from the analog sound waves.


Now, moving on towards the bitstream, it is the sequence of information represented by 0 and 1 that digitalize the information series in suitable networking, PC, and audio application. Bitstream can convert the audio data into the digital information bits while transferring it to the receiver. Preferably check out the following elaboration to know the difference between bitstream and PCM. Let’s have a look:

Things to know about the PCM and bitstream:

The bitstream vs PCM Might have given you the idea regarding that both of them are having the message differences among them. The bitstream is basically involved in the transferring in coded signals to the source device and make it compatible receiver for AV processor/power amplifier.

On the other hand, the PCM indulges DVD, CD, and blu ray disc place to use the linear plus code modulation that is LPCM. It is the type of PCM file which is having a variety of digital audio applications. Such things can be considered as the massive difference among the PCM and the bitstream while making it different from each other.

The final judgment

From the details about elaborated above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the PCM vs bitstream is the thing which is enabling you to understand the massive differences among them. Both of them are having different uses, and both of them are being considered in different situations. If you want to know the differences among them, then read out the points and description explained above so that you will get familiar with the differences, and it will also help you to know their functioning as well.