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Plant-based Policy Centre

Promoting plant-based food policies as solutions to environmental, public health, and animal welfare issues in Canada and beyond.

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Why We Exist


For Public Health

Plant-based eating is associated with less chronic disease, including heart disease, cancers, obesity, type-2 diabetes, demensia, and early death.

For the Planet

Animal farming is a leading contributor to climate change, land & freshwater usage, air & water pollution, and biodiversity loss. 

For the Animals

Modern animal farming subjects sentient individuals to lives of stress and deprivation, and frightening premature deaths.

What We Do

Government Funding

Canada is a world leader in pulse production, a key element of a sustainable food system. We work with government to invest in plant foods farming, processing, & innovation.

Fair Regulations

Plant-based products that replace traditional animal foods deserve fair market access. We defend and promote the rights of plant-based businesses to sell their products.

Climate & Diet

Given the clear link between animal foods and climate change, we lobby government to promote plant-based eating as part of its sustainability strategy.

Transparent Labelling

Research shows consumers respond to informational labels. We push for clear labelling that indicates the health, environmental, and animal welfare impacts of foods. 

Political Leadership

Governments should lead in serving only environmentally friendly and healthful foods at official functions. We educate leaders on how and why.

Ad-free Schools

Dairy is linked to a wide range of health problems, and has an oversized environmental impact. We work with parents and educators to keep dairy marketing out of schools. 

Saturated Fat Tax

We lobby for saturated fat taxes, which policy experts are increasingly proposing to protect our health and environment, and offset significant public costs associated with poor diets.

Easy Access

We work with cities to ensure all municipally licenced facilities have plant-based options. Good food choices should be easy food choices.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us through the form below or email us at info@plantfoodscouncil.org.

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