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Tips to Improve Your Laminating: Expert Advice from the Pros

Whether you’re a small business or an individual, laminating is a great way to protect and preserve important documents. However, if you don’t have the right tips and tricks, your laminating attempts may not turn out as well as you’d hoped. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips to help you improve your laminating skills, so whether you’re just starting or looking for ways to improve your process, read on for our advice!

Top amazing laminator tips and tricks

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about laminating until there’s a critical document or presentation that needs to be safeguarded from damage. But lamination doesn’t have to be a last-minute fix; with a little bit of forethought, you can improve your laminating process and get better results every time. Here are tips to help you do just that.


Choose the right type of laminator. Not all laminators are created equal; some are designed for home use, while others are meant for office or commercial. Make sure you pick the right type of laminator for your needs, or you’ll wind up frustrated with the results.

  1. The machine should always be placed on a level surface. For example, placing the machine on carpeting can cause it to loosen over time & may even affect the temperature of the laminator. It should also be kept clear of high traffic areas, so no one trips over any wires or knocks it down when passing by.
  2. If possible, keep the machine plugged in 24/7—you’ll never know when you might need to laminate something at the last minute! This will reduce wear on the machine and reduce your chance of laminating with air bubbles.
  3. Use it! Laminating is not an activity you should reserve for special occasions, but rather something you do every day. This will help prolong the life of your laminator & make it feel less like a chore to use.
  4. When using the manual mode, be sure to place your document between the yellow registration marks. Placing them outside this area can cause problems when laminating too small or oddly-shaped items.
  5. If you’re having trouble feeding some materials through, try flipping them over or re-aligning them. You can even dab a bit of water on problematic documents to soften them up first.

Laminate twice and keep your documents protected

Can you laminate something twice? There are a few reasons you might want to know the answer to this question. For one, it could save you some money if you can laminate something more than once. Additionally, there may be times when you need to laminate something again shortly after laminating it the first time. In these cases, it’s helpful to know that laminating something two or even three times is possible in most cases. Let’s look at some of the factors that can affect how many times a document can be successfully laminated.

No, you cannot laminate something twice because the glue does not hold a second time. The best thing to do is take a sample of what you are going to laminate and test the lamination process on that before laminating your entire piece. You can also use multiple layers of self-adhesive or masking tape instead. Still, they will leave an untidy residue when removed unless you spray them with a clear acrylic sealer first (which your teacher may not appreciate!).

How do laminate documents without a laminator?

One way to laminate documents without a laminator is to use a household item such as wax paper. Place the document you want to laminate between two pieces of wax paper. Then, use an iron on low heat to press the wax paper together. The heat from the iron will fuse the wax paper together and will laminate your document. Another way to laminate documents without a laminator is to use clear contact paper. Simply place your document between two pieces of clear contact paper and trim the excess paper off around the edges. Your document will now be protected from tearing and water damage.

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